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Breathe in heavenly scents. Co-developed with a top British perfume house with nearly 50 years of experience in the fragrance industry, the exclusive scents follow the highest standards of international fragrance manufacture. Each scent is made with 100% natural essential oils.

Exclusive Wax Formula

After numerous calculations, we bring you the perfect blend of soy wax, Brazilian palm wax, and Thai coconut wax, with a soft and delicate texture. This high quality formula has a low melting point and leaves no lasting rings on the container after use.


Countless burn tests were done until we found a 100% pollution free combustion solution. Using a handcrafted, pure cotton wick from Berlin, these Little Power Candles are guaranteed to burn without black smoke. Each candle is also stored in a chic glass pot with a sustainable cork top.

Refined Craftsmanship

Following an ancient European wax injection process, each candle goes through a total of 12 manufacturing steps before finally making its way to you. With specific temperatures required at each step, the craftsmanship behind each candle ensures the best expression of the fragrance.

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Bedtime Story

Sleeping Pill

Moody Woody

Relaxing Tea

Red Velvet

Sunset Bourbon

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